Balance is best achieved by moving. We all have a degree of balance when standing but combat is not done by standing in one spot.

So what are the Karate guys doing when they get into a rigid stance and have the teacher try to push them? Isn't that balance while standing still? Well contrary to what you may perceive that you are seeing with your eyes, a stance in martial arts (Karate included) is not a fixed position but a transition from one technique to another. What the teacher is doing in the example above is testing balance at the termination of a strike or block; without balance your offense or defense will not be as strong.

Because combat is a moving activity you must be able to keep your balance with each step you make, both when advancing and when retreating. Marc gives the image of a ball: kick it, roll it, toss always maintains the same point of balance. You too need to be balanced when standing on two legs, on one leg, when sitting, and when on the ground.

At the same time you must be prepared to take advantage of your attacker’s lack of balance, once he becomes unbalanced it takes very little energy on your part to keep him going and to introduce him to the floor.