At 48"-50" the Chinese Wand can be a bit large for traveling but I have found a cheap and easy way of making a take-down model.

You will need:

A length of 3/4" dia. PVC conduit pipe with connector end (I use the Carlon brand as that is what the local hardware store sells)
2 1" Vinyl Leg Tips (I get mine from Walmart and they are sold in a four pack)
A saw (The finer the teeth the smoother the cut)
A mitre box (not required but ensures a straight cut

How to make it:

One end of the conduit pipe will have a larger end that allows you to push other conduit pipes into it; you will use this end last so start your measurement from the other end. Since I like my wands to be 50" I measure to 26" and cut, this is more than half of 50" because 2" of the pipe goes into the connector end and the extra 1" allows the connecter to be in the centre rather than off to one side.
After you have your plain length you then take that and push it all the way into your connector end, now measure a full 50" from the end of the first length and cut the pipe so that you have 2lengths of pipe around 26" each.
At this point you may want to spray paint the pipe using a colour that is pleasing to you.
After your paint is dry put one of the vinyl leg tips on each outer end and there you go.

If you want the individual lengths to be even smaller you can buy 2 pipes to give you two connector pieces and a total of three lengths.

NOTES: 1. While I have found these take-down wands to be pretty stiff, in none of the exercises are you supposed to  put pressure on the wand itself because to do this cheats your body of the benefits. The wand is there only to maintain proper alignment and not to be used to force your body into the movements.
             2. You can also use the wand for light contact training either as a 50" staff or two 26" sticks.
             3. Because the pipe is made out of PVC, a type of plastic, do not store it in your car window or it may warp from the extreme heat.