I have trained in Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu but in such a way that traditional and modern techniques were blended together to allow for effective self-defense against modern attackers who may not be using the same style as you are. Although I do admire the old techniques and the history behind them, I try to focus most of my limited time training on those techniques that will work with the common attacks we read about in the media and see on the news.

Up to now I've been aware of many other martial art styles but have not really looked into other Jujutsu styles that much. That changed while I was recovering from a cold and had lots of time to watch YouTube. I came upon videos of a style called Goshin Jujitsu (it seems the Goshin crowd prefers the "Jujitsu" spelling so I will use that spelling out of respect for them when talking about their style). From what I have been able to find out Goshin is an old Japanese word but the actual style has taken on a status as being a modern combat form of Jujitsu. I find it very much like my own style of Yoshin Ryu with the main difference being the way some Goshin Jujitsu schools strike. If you search Wikipedia it will say that Goshin Jujitsu has boxing style strikes but I have seen that some Goshin schools are more influenced by Karate style punches and kicks. Neither way is wrong, but I do prefer the close-in style of boxing influenced Goshin Jujitsu schools.

So if you ever think that you have learned everything there is to know about your style, or if you find your training repetitive, just look for similar styles that do things a little different; then take what is useful and leave what is not...and always bow on your way out of the dojo so you don't hit your head on the door frame.