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The truth about the use of the "cudgel" in old books.

Posted by James Smith on Saturday, August 20, 2011,

A Little Word History: The use of the word "cudgel" does not always mean "Shillelagh" in historical books as some writers have stated. It is rather an English term for a heavy stick or a club used with the purpose of hitting. It is therefore a culturally neutral term used by English authors. Today we would more often use the terms "stick" or "club" rather than "cudgel". An old English author would often use the term "cudgel" to mean any stick that a person was using for striking regardless of...

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Masters and Grandmasters

Posted by James Smith on Friday, October 29, 2010,

It seems anyone today can start their own style and become a Grandmaster, and books and DVDs are all over the place from Master soandso and Master what'shisname.

Just what does Master and Grandmaster mean?

The best answer that I have found is this: one who teaches martial arts to beginners, is a teacher (various countries have their own word for "teacher"); one who teaches teachers is a Master, and one who teaches Masters is a Grandmaster.

I really like the idea of a Master being one who teaches...

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Beware the Martial Art DVD!

Posted by James Smith on Monday, October 25, 2010,

Beware the Martial Art DVD? What does that mean? Does it mean that I think you can't learn from a DVD? No, you can certainly learn aspects of a martial art from a DVD, although you get the best results from attending a martial art class.

The "beware" is about those DVDs that were originally filmed in VHS format and then years later are re-released in DVD format without any editing.

Tonight I watched a Small Circle Jujutsu DVD from Black Belt Magazine Video and I knew right away that I had a VH...

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