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How To Make A Chinese Wand For Travel

Posted by James Smith on Sunday, October 30, 2011,

At 48"-50" the Chinese Wand can be a bit large for traveling but I have found a cheap and easy way of making a take-down model.

You will need:

A length of 3/4" dia. PVC conduit pipe with connector end (I use the Carlon brand as that is what the local hardware store sells)
2 1" Vinyl Leg Tips (I get mine from Walmart and they are sold in a four pack)
A saw (The finer the teeth the smoother the cut)
A mitre box (not required but ensures a straight cut

How to make it:

One end of the conduit pipe will h...

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The Tai Chi-Jujutsu Connection

Posted by James Smith on Friday, November 12, 2010,

Two blog posts ago I wrote about Jujutsu and Jeet Kune Do (or JKD for short). JKD is a relatively modern "style" or system and therefore it is quite natural that Bruce Lee would incorporate aspects of other styles besides Wing Chun into his JKD. But what of the ancient Chinese system of Tai Chi and the comparatively old Japanese Jujutsu? What could a style known for slowness and flowing movements have in common with a style known for fast and bone breaking movements?

To answer that, could you ...

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