A Little Word History: The use of the word "cudgel" does not always mean "Shillelagh" in historical books as some writers have stated. It is rather an English term for a heavy stick or a club used with the purpose of hitting. It is therefore a culturally neutral term used by English authors. Today we would more often use the terms "stick" or "club" rather than "cudgel". An old English author would often use the term "cudgel" to mean any stick that a person was using for striking regardless of other names the stick might have been called in its own culture. For example: an English author in India during the 1800s might have used the word "cudgel" to describe a "Lathi" if he did not know the term of "Lathi" or thought that his English readers might not know what "Lathi" means. If the author was in Ireland during the same time period he may have used the term "cudgel" to describe both shillelagh and NON-shillelagh weapons as used by the Irish; so if reading it now you would not know for certain which weapon he was talking about unless he was very descriptive in his reference to the weapons being used.