At our last class we had a new student join us who had experience in Capoeira; while this Afro-Brazilian art with it's hand-standing spinning kicks and dance movements may seem at first to be quite different than the weapon based* stand up stick fighting we do at CSFS, it was actually quite fun to share the similarities between the two arts with this new student. And therein is one of the "secrets" of the martial arts: a new student is not necessary a new martial artist.

However, one of our specialties in CSFS is the ability to take someone with absolutely no martial arts background, and who even may be fearful of the martial arts with a head full of pre-conceived notions, and just over the short span of a few classes start them on the road to learning the techniques and principles that are common to many martial arts.

Another specialty of ours is called Training For Life. Many times I have heard people talking about taking their first martial art class and coming home exhausted and bruised from the training AS A BEGINNER on their VERY FIRST DAY! That does not happen in CSFS because one of our goals is training for life. While a crash or burn type workout may be ok for those who desire it, it can actually be detrimental to early student retention, as we realize that not everyone can afford the injury recovery time from their jobs and family duties.

While we all admire the skill and fitness of those who compete in full contact tournaments it is a matter of public record that the career of a prize fighter is remarkably short, with most competitors being in their 20s or 30s and ending their career by the time they are 40; often retiring with injuries that will effect them for the nest 40 years of their life. As a person who himself is fast approaching 40, I seem to notice much more when someone posts on the internet about how their teacher trained them in the "old ways" but now that same teacher can't even pick up a pencil to write with at age 50 and the students themselves are having to adjust their training or stop all together due to the wear and tear of injuries they have sustained from training the "old way". By contrast, the instructors of SCFS know of martial artists who still train well into their 60s and 70s and sometimes even into their 80s!

So it doesn't matter if you are an experienced martial artist looking to explore a complementary path or a complete beginner who wants to try the martial arts but don't know where to start, we all welcome you to try out a class at the Celtic Stick Fighting Society.

*I used the term “weapon based” above because in CSFS we train first with a weapon (the walking stick) and then show you how to use the same principles to train empty handed using punches, kicks, joint locks, and hold downs. We teach our students how to use each tool in their tool box and what they build is up them.