My parent art is Jujutsu, but I like to look at all arts for there is nothing new under the sun as King Solomon was fond of saying.

There is debate in the Martial Arts world as to just what is JKD. While I won't get into it much I will say that if Bruce Lee was doing it, then it was JKD.

So, was Jujutsu part of JKD? Yes! Dan Inosanto was a student and now teacher of JKD; not only that, but while some people only trained within the confines of the classes held in Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles/Chinatown, Mr. Inosanto was a personal friend with Bruce Lee and often trained in private 1 on 1 lessons with him. Mr. Inosanto says that Bruce Lee used Japanese Jujutsu (Nihon Jujutsu) when they trained and that Bruce Lee used joint locks and was a very good thrower.

Mr. Inosanto also says that the Jujutsu and other wrestling moves that Bruce Lee knew was not taught in the Chinatown
school but rather only used in private training. So there may be the source of the confusion: those who were in the Chinatown classes only would not have been exposed to Jujutsu so for them, Jujutsu was not art of their JKD.

If you want proof of all this (besides the writtings of Mr. Inosanto) you merely need to open up a copy of "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do" and you can see drawings by Bruce Lee himself of throws and ground grappling...or look through the "Bruce Lee's Fighting Method" books: Vol 3. p 23 Lee takes a man to the ground, Vol 1 p 22/23 Lee takes a man to the ground using a collar take-down, p 36/37 Lee strikes a man in the groin and then grabs his chest and arm (as one does in Jujutsu) and takes the man to the ground, p 102/103 Lee is fighting two attackers while Lee is on the ground, p 106/107 Lee uses a hip throw to take a man to the ground.

So it's a fact, Bruce knew of, and used, Jujutsu as part of his JKD. If Bruce did it, then it is JKD.