Our Warmup:

Chinese Health Wand Exercises

The Chinese Health Wand exercises have been traditionally passed down from teacher to student orally for many generations. Some claim that the art is as old as Yoga and Qigong. But unlike other Asian mind-body systems that developed health aspects as by-products of spiritual advancement (Yoga), martial skill (Tai Chi) or healing specific illnesses (Qigong), the Chinese Health Wand exercises were specifically devised as a daily health and fitness maintenance routine for the gentry and imperial family who had unique health problems caused by their sedentary lifestyle. So for this purpose only the exercises evolved, the less effective and less safe exercises being replaced by more potent and safer exercises through countless generations. This makes it a scientific and comprehensive daily work-out.

"The benefits [of the Chinese Wand exercises] include a sense of well-being, a clear tranquil mind, deep restorative sleep, increased energy, sexual vitality and fertility, increased circulation, clear skin, more efficient metabolism and improved digestion. But in addition [this program]…stretches and strengthens the physical body and is capable of delivering body-shaping results associated with vigorous gym workouts. It is therefore a holistic internal-external exercise."
- Michael Davis, senior instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, author of "Jiangan, The Chinese Health Wand"



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